Sundeck Restaurant

Dining in Estes Park, CO

During your stay, we invite you to enjoy a wonderful restaurant right on property. The Sundeck Restaurant has been a local favorite among Estes Park restaurants for many years and it continues to be a family operation.

Since its establishment in 1948, the desire has been to provide a place where people could enjoy a quality meal with a superb view. From the windows of the Sundeck, one can see the higher peaks of Twin Sisters, Taylor, Otis, Hallet, and Flattop mountains. Prospect, Gianttrack, Rams Horn, Eagle Cliff and Deer Mountain are a few of the closer, lower mountains than you can also see from here.

For the past 52 years, the Sundeck has served a variety of dishes right next to Alpine Trail Ridge Inn. The restaurant has become famous for its Rocky Mountain Trout, Forella Blau, Viennese Goulash, Prime Rib, and Chilies Rellenos. At all times, they make a great effort to use the finest quality of food and prepare a meal as original as possible.

Learn more about The Sundeck on their website.


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