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Dear Manor RV Park Guests: Please help us make your stay enjoyable by observing the following:

GARBAGE AND LITTER: Please put everything in the trash dumpster on the exit road. DO NOT change vehicle oil in the RV Park. No batteries or oil in the dumpster. Cut boxes and fold flat. Please take large items to the dump yourself.

MAJOR MECHANICAL: Maintenance on any vehicle is not permitted in the RV Park.


PARKING: Park parallel next to the road (grass is fragile. Limit of one vehicle per site. See manager for additonal parking.

OPEN FIRES: Prohibited by Fire Protection District

CLOTHES LINES: They are a real hazard after dark, and are not permitted. Please use the clothes lines provided beside the shower house.

WATER: Well water pressure regulated, from 20 to 50 PSI. Do not water the lawn or wash vehicles.

DISTURBANCE: From 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., let the river have its turn. Sounds are very sharp in the still night air. This applies to motorhome generators. Motorcycles are not allowed for the same reason. Any vehicle must have a good working muffler.

A MAXIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE PER SITE (2 CHILDREN): This includes guests and visitors. This is an adult park - please supervise children.

GUESTS AND VISITORS: Have your guests, visitors and family check in at the office before going to your site. Only registered guests may stay in the campground overnight. Motel units are available for guests of trailer park residents

WATER LINES: Check with management before driving stakes, because of shallow water and electrical lines.

NO TENTING ALLOWED! No Dining Canopies.

PATIO AND RV SITES: All lots shall remain uncluttered. NO refigerators or freezers. No storage of any type on your lot other than patio furniture.Please leave lot neat and clean. Any alteration of site must have prior approval of management.

STORAGE: No new storage shed or boxes may be constructed.

PROBLEMS: Report directly to management.


SUMMARY: The management reserves the right to change the rules whenever it proves to be in the best interest of the park. Remember this is your summer home, so please keep it neat and clean so we can all be proud of it.

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