Jobs at our Estes Park Hotel

Our Lodge in Estes Park provides seasonal employment opportunities. Please see below for more information on open positions at our lodge in Estes Park.

What's it like to work at Alpine Trail Ridge Inn? We have very high standards for our rooms, and our staff makes sure we have exceptionally clean and well maintained rooms for our guests. We're always upgrading and improving the property, so that each year we provide more service to our guests.

We are looking for exceptional people to work at our lodge in Estes Park, who are honest, clean, decent, non-smokers, and can work hard and enjoy life to its fullest. If you are not an honest person, and not willing to give a good day's work for your wages, please do not apply. You are paid based on performance, not for just showing up for work.

Cleaning rooms is not like what you have done at home, perhaps cleaning the bathroom once a week and making your bed every day. We clean each room very thoroughly each day, which means you will be cleaning the tub and shower walls, washing down the shower curtain, scrubbing out the toilet and wiping down the outside of it, being on your hand and knees wiping up the bathroom floor. You will also dust the room, clean the mirror and the windows, either make up the beds or change them completely, put in fresh towels and supplies, clean out the refrigerator, make sure all lights are working, and vacuum the room. Multiply this by 8-12 times, and that is your workday!

Each person also has a large housekeeping cart which they push around to the rooms throughout our lodge in Estes Park. We do have some uphill grades so this is a job for someone who is athletic, in good shape, and not afraid of doing what some people consider the more menial tasks such as cleaning toilets.

Housekeeping is very hard and physical work! You must be physically fit and able to work hard for 6-8 hours a day. If you are not interested in hiking, riding, swimming, etc., but are more interested in less physical jobs such as standing around in a shop serving ice cream or selling T-shirts, this is not the job for you.

HousingOur employee housing consists of four caravans (Travel trailers), located at a nearby trailer park. They are snug but adequate quarters for two people in each caravan, and they are a much higher quality housing than most employee housing. Click on the link at the top of the page for housing to see pictures of the caravans. You need to know ahead of time that the trailer park has a lot of older people who are retired, and that you need to be exceptionally quiet while on the property and in your trailer. It is not a place for parties, having friends over or having them stay with you. This is a much different situation than most employee housing, and you need to be aware of it and be willing to abide by it. 

Food: There is a supermarket nearby, but the best prices for food are at the Safeway store, which is about 2 miles from the hotel. Most of the staff will pack their groceries in a backpack and ride their bikes to and from the supermarket. Cost of food will probably be higher than your home country, in many cases.

English Language: It is preferable that you are able to speak very good English. It is too difficult for us to communicate if you don't, and we must be able to understand each other to bridge the gaps in our cultural differences.