Clothing & Transportation

Tips for Estes Park, Colorado Jobs

Below are a few items to help you plan for what to expect when taking jobs in Estes Park, Colorado and at Alpine Trail Ridge Inn.

A few words about what to bring to wear: Colorado weather is very changeable, so be ready to dress in layers. You will encounter temperatures from cold to very warm, depending on the season. Jeans are not appropriate to wear for housekeeping, because they are so stiff and do wear out fast. Cotton twill pants and/or shorts works very nicely. We do provide 3 t-shirts for you, but you will want to have several other shirts or tops to wear, some with short sleeves and some with long sleeves. Bring a swim suit for the pool. We do allow jeans for maintenance workers because of the heavy duty work involved at times.

Shoes: Hiking boots are great for hiking the trails, but not for cleaning rooms. They pick up rocks and also mar the floors. Tennis shoes work nicely, as do a sturdy lace-up shoe. Sandals and loafers are not acceptable footwear. You may not go barefooted or work in your stocking feet, for health reasons. Therefore, you MUST wear footwear when you clean.

If you do not have transportation of your own, we do provide at no cost to you a mountain bike, helmet, lock, chain and lights. For your own safety, you are required to wear the helmet. If you choose not to wear it, you will have to sign a waiver of liability for the hotel. You are also required by law to use the lights at night. It's also just good common sense. We have had trouble in the past trying to get some of the staff to wear helmets, because they think nothing will ever happen to them. We had a girl from the Czech Republic take a nasty fall three summers ago, and really scrape herself up, and only the fact that she was wearing her helmet prevented her from busting her head wide open. It's up to you to take care of yourself. If you get hurt riding your bicycle and you can't work, we will have to replace you with someone who can work. Because the housing is directly connected to your job, if you are not working for us, you cannot live in our housing. This is certainly a situation we want to avoid!

A few of you have asked about renting cars. There is a car rental agency here in town, but it will be expensive. In the past, we have had several of the foreign kids buy a used car, use it during the summer and then travel for a month after we close the hotel, and then return to Estes and sell the car, either directly or on consignment on a used car lot. I would think you would need to plan to spend about $2,000 (perhaps less) to get a dependable car. Buying a cheaper one will quite often mean paying for needed repairs that have not been done. You also will need to insure it because it is illegal to drive without insurance, and you need insurance to get it licensed.

Just for the record, we do NOT have any cars available for your use at the hotel, just the mountain bikes.

Summer's not very far away. We look forward to meeting each of you soon and to having a wonderful experience together!