Employee Housing

Estes Park Career Opportunities

We are happy to provide housing for a limited number of seasonal employees who join us for Estes Park, CO jobs each summer.

We have four employee housing units for the summer, which are travel trailers (or caravans), located at Manor RV Park, just a few minutes walk from the hotel. They are the Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel, the Globestar, the Elite, and the Wilderness. Each can handle two people.

Transportation: The major complaint we have had from our staff in the past is that it's hard to get around if you have no car. To address this problem, we provide mountain bikes, helmets, security locks and chains for each employee that needs a bike. A trend in recent years is for some employees to purchase a fairly inexpensive car, use it for the summer, and sell it in the Fall before they leave.

Cleaning Deposit: The trailer will be very clean when you move in to it, and it must be left in that clean condition when you leave. We charge a $100 cleaning deposit for each person occupying our housing. It will be deducted from your first 4 paychecks in equal installments, and will be returned at the end of your employment if the unit is cleaned to our standards and satisfaction. Any cleaning which must be done by us will be charged against your deposit at the rate of $20/hr.

Noise and Parties: Manor RV Park is a great environment ... it is a family park, mostly senior retired adults. Our trailers are all in one area, with nice views of the mountains. There are certain rules to abide by .. basically, be quiet and respectful of others, neat and clean, etc. It's a place for living quietly, not for parties. You must be much quieter than usual in employee housing, and you are not able to invite friends over to visit or party. We want you to know this ahead of time, so that if you cannot live with these restrictions, then this is not the place for you to work. (click here to view Manor RV Park Rules)