Property Map

Explore The Grounds of Our Estes Park Inn

Our Estes Park Hotel has three buildings: the Front, Center and Back buildings. The Front and Back buildings are two-story buildings, but they are built such that they are partially in the ground from the rear sides, so that the steps going up to the balconies are only 5 steps instead of a full flight of steps. The Center building is a one-story building, with one step up into the rooms.

The rooms at our hotel go all the way through the buildings. In the Front Building, rooms 143 through 150 are what we call Standard Rooms. 148 and 150 have two double beds and are set up as partially handicap units, and the other 6 units have two Queen beds. Rooms 135 through 142 are Balcony Rooms with two queen beds for our Estes Park, CO lodging guests.

In the Back Building, rooms 119 through 125 are Standard Rooms with one king bed, and room 126 has two queen beds. Room 127 is a Balcony Room with two queen beds, and rooms 128 through 134 are Balcony rooms with one king bed.

The Center Building has 151-152, the Kitchen Family Unit, on the west end, and rooms 101 through 114 are Western Rooms with two double beds. 115-116 are the Western King Suite, and 117 and 118 are Western Rooms with one queen bed.

There is parking by the door or steps on all but seven units, which are 117, 118, 135, 136, 137, 138, and 139. We now have dedicated parking spaces for these units behind the Center Building.