Nature Lover

The Estes Park, Colorado Outdoors

Are you a nature lover? Then the things to do in Estes Park are perfect for your next Colorado getaway. You can’t find a more beautiful place to enjoy the birds, the wildlife, flowers, trees and scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Learn about the nature you are seeing.  Appreciate your outdoor adventures on a new level with the Rocky Mountain Nature Association’s field-seminars.  Their field-seminars are hands-on learning experiences in Rocky Mountain National Park.  A wide range of topics are available including those on wildflowers, mammals, birds, cultural history, outdoor skills, photography, painting and writing.  See their calendar of events at or call them at 970-586-3262.

If nature is beckoning you to join it for a sleepover, there are several guided backpacking tours available with different companies in Estes Park.  They will take you out to spend a night or more away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.  First, come to Alpine Trail Ridge Inn for a good nights rest, leave your car with us while you enjoy your time in the woods then stay with us again for the post-trip “I need a hot shower and a comfortable bed, not to mention a hamburger!”

Maybe the nature sleepover isn’t for you.  With 359 miles of hiking trails and scenic drives you will be able to experience the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the wilderness while having the comfort of a hotel sleepover.

Early morning and late evening are the best times to view wildlife.  Each species has its own preferred stomping grounds.  Elk enjoy the open space of the meadows as well as the tundra above treeline on Trail Ridge Road.  Deer are more apt to hide out in the trees while the shy Bighorn Sheep feel safe in more rocky areas that are difficult for predators to navigate.

Many bird species can be seen throughout the area.  Local birders frequent Lake Estes as the sun comes up for an in-town birding experience which can be topped off with a short drive to the Egg and I.  (oops..did I say eggs for breakfast)

Cub Lake trail skirts the west end of Moraine Park.  The portion of the trail along the Moraine Park meadow is relatively flat and a good place to see many different kinds of birds as well as elk, deer and maybe if you are lucky, a coyote.  Take a picnic and stay a while.

If the birds and their songs intrigue you but you are not sure who is singing what song, try a private or group tour with Kaiyote Tours.  Their guides specialize in birding, botany and wildlife watching as well as wildflower and tree identification.  Give them a call at (970) 556-6103 or visit their website at

While you are out enjoying our wild neighbors remember they are just that, wild.  Animals may look like they don’t even notice you but they are keeping an eye on you.  During the spring and summer seasons the mommas are raising their babies and the fall is mating time.  Getting too close can cause a close encounter of the kind you don’t want.  You can get great close up pictures from a safe distance with a telephoto lens.

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